April 23, 2010

TALLAHASSEE, FL - This week Representative Dave Murzin welcomed the adoption of the following legislation in the Florida House. Each of the following House Memorials (HM) sends a message to the U.S. Congress regarding out-of-control spending, environmental regulations, healthcare, the Florida National Guard, and Florida's fishing industry.


House Memorial 1535 is a measure directed at curbing big government and job-killing, energy proposals. This legislation urges Congress to reject Cap & Trade legislation that will artificially raise energy prices for consumers and place an undue burden on the economy and the people of the United States for little or no environmental benefit.


House Memorial 1583 urges Congress to reign in out-of-control spending and runaway deficits by balancing the federal budget. The federal budget deficit has had a detrimental impact on the nation's financial health and has impeded investment productivity and growth.  Credit agencies have begun to warn that America may lose its AAA credit rating because of the size of the deficit. The U.S. government will spend about 7% of its federal revenues just to make interest payments on its debt in 2010; and almost 11% in 2013.  49 of the 50 states are constitutionally and statutorily required to balance their budgets and hold themselves to the same fiscal standards to which their citizens must adhere.  Similarly, the federal government must learn to plan and spend within its means.


House Memorial 1589 urges Congress to require that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) subject proposed numeric nutrient criteria for Florida to peer review by agency's Science Advisory Board & Government Accountability Office or Congressional Budget Office.


House Joint Resolution (HJR) 37 was passed with the intention of sending a clear signal to Washington that Floridians reject the federal government's intrusive health care mandates.  HJR 37 proposes an amendment to the State Constitution prohibiting the government from interfering with an individual's personal health care decisions. The Federal Health Care Reform legislation recently signed into law by President Obama forces uninsured individuals to purchase health insurance or face penalties imposed by the IRS. 


Committee Substitute/House Memorial (CS/HM) 227 urges Congress to preserve the authority of Governor to retain command and control of Florida National Guard.  Its purpose is to reject any changes to federal law which would restrict or diminish the authority of the Governor to activate Florida National Guard in response to domestic crisis, disaster, or other emergency.


Committee Substitute/House Memorial (CS/HM) 553 urges Congress to consider all available mechanisms to lessen sudden impact of changes to Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. This legislation seeks to balance resource, protection, and economic prosperity in Florida.


"Our job is to represent and defend the interests of Florida residents, but when Federal regulations override us, it makes our job difficult," said Rep. Murzin. "We see the damaging effects that some Federal regulations have on our State. Washington needs to know the effects of their actions and the Florida House of Representatives is trying to send that message."